The Woman

What is it about women which is so attractive to men?

Beyond the obvious, or what appears to be obvious to us, but at the root of it, the real essence of it, there is a metaphysical longing for union. To a man, the woman represents the possiblity of union, and thereby of completion. She reprsents an obtaining oneness, of unity, a posessing and a being possessed, and of a place called home. She represents an ideal of the beauty of the human frame and form, of which the man himself is composed of, and yet which is not the man himself. She is the memory and the possiblity of life. Together. Without end.

This is why the woman is truly beautiful. From her, we find our way into this world of form. And in her we find a place we can call home, for the heart of the man, of his children.

Together, the man and the woman stand guard, in love, over the kingdom of innocence.