What is this all about?

Well, what is anything all about?

What is best in life?

What is better than life?

I can only hope to point the way to the Way.

I guess I'm just trying to find a place to post my random thoughts, meanderings, riddles, prose, ramblings, links, concepts, flashes of insight (or maybe delusion), articles, memes, and whatever else I think is of some value or serves some purpose to enlighten, edify, inform, encourage, amuse, impel, or otherwise invigorate.

But its going to be messy. And complex. It may not make sense until you begin get better a sense of the whole picture im trying to paint.

To begin with i'm going to be importing a lot of old posts over time. You will see some of them below with links to their original source, which may or may not still be active (depending on when you read this). I'll be time stamping these based on the date they were originally posted so they should stay towards the bottom of the feed, but if you are subscribed, they may wind up hitting your inbox or app or whatever with some frequency. Hopefully I can prevent that from happening though.

New posts will show up in their proper order.