A person who is connected to his humanity, in touch with his true nature as given by God, is content to abide his time in peace. Humble in spirit, such a person enjoys the little things in life, and does not desire power or fame or to be engaged with the conflicts and intrigues of politics. Such a man desires and enjoys peace. For its own sake. Not as some ulterior motive to a goal, but as the goal itself.

The fallen ones, on the other hand, desire ever more that which they do not and will never have. For them, intrigue and power impel their thoughts and actions, never granting contentment or rest. One could veer off at this point into a rabbit trail of how the solipsistic, egoistic personality desires to obtain the totality of the essence for himself, subsuming all personality into a monad, including, even his own - but this is not that kind of post.

And they have but a short time.