The Event

The solutions were always very clear for those who desired to know the truth, who would accept guidance which would lead them to ask the right questions.

But the world was inhumanly complex. The technical/industrial/financial/political edifice which had been erected by the human race throughout the 17th - 21st centuries was orders of magnitude too complex for any man or group of men to adequately manage or grasp.

Despite this, accusations were hurled, left and right, up and down, as to who was really responsible and why. But all of this was simply thrashing about in utter darkness, unable to find the way. So humanity muddled along. The system was broken, but it functioned. But we had no idea of how badly broken it was, or even what proper, and far less, optimal, functioning could actually look like. Everything was broken, and we had no idea how bad.

Corruption ran rampant. Inefficiency, bureaucracy, false merit and institutionalized incompetence spread through every aspect of human culture. Stagnation, stagflation, low growth, no growth, pestilence, barrenness framed every picture. Malevolent forces were allowed to work with impunity. Humanity had no hope, and had resigned itself to utter despair and even the hope, the yearning, for a complete collapse of the entire world system.

At least we could then do something productive.

The icing on the cake was that the world was poised to erupt in a nuclear conflagration. The powers of the earth having only so much patience, only able to be pushed so far, by the demonic realm of inhuman intelligences now manipulating the actions of nearly every power on earth.

And then it happened.

The Event.

The world was greeted by the sudden appearance of floating objects of unknown origin, completely silent, traveling in formations of three, visible only as points of light, over every major city on the planet.