The children are gone

When I was a child I walked unafraid. There were many friends in our midst and we enjoyed sweet fellowship. Life was here and we were together, now. It was forever.

But now it is over. They are all dead now. They are gone, and few are left.

How many were killed? They said it could never happen again. Hitler had been defeated. Communism fell… yet the spirit was never overcome. Humanity was being killed just as expeditiously as ever. We had yet to even wake up to the fact that we were again in full-blown warfare with the enemy.

In our midst. The war against everyone.

Now our minds are under permanent, pervasive and pernicious assault via every medium. And what are we saying to one another? How did it come to this? Where did they all go? The men, the women, the leaders and the lovers and the heroes and the great, free people of old? Family.

The children are gone.

They don't have friends anymore. They are not together. They are all dead and the ones that are left are only to be found outside of your neighborhood, "on the internet", one of your 648 "friends"…. They are reduced to communicating in short bursts of unrefined, unemotional text entries made into keypads of phones that strain the mind of the user unnaturally. It becomes a compulsive circle as the "friends" feed off of one anothers' response. The illusion of conversation and fellowship is created, but it is all in your head. You project your own image of yourself, speaking to the projected image of another. These projected images take on lives of their own and talk to one another and to you.

Turn it off.


Originally posted on Tumblr on July 10th, 2011.