It’s not that we should have no thoughts…

… But that we should, in a sense, remain ignorant.

“To  know unconsciously is best.To presume to know what you don't is sick.” - Lao Tzu

And it is not so much that we should remain ignorant as that we should remain innocent, content with what we have, not contriving to take what cannot be taken, not presuming to know what we do not.

“They know the world
without even going out the door.
They see the sky and its pattern
without even looking out the window.
The further out it goes, the less knowledge is;
therefore sages know without going,
name without seeing,

complete without striving.”

“For learning you gain daily;

for the Way you lose daily.

Losing and losing,

thus you reach noncontrivance;

be uncontrived, and nothing is not done.

Taking the world is always done

by not making anything of it.

For when something is made of it,

that is not enough to take the world.”

- Lao Tzu